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Ali, Dr. Saleem H.

Islam and education : conflict and conformity in pakistan / Dr. Saleem H. Ali. - Oxford : Oxford University Press, USA, 2009. - 214 p. ; 23 cm.


Islamic educational institutions have come under intense public scrutiny in recent years because of their perceived linkage to militancy. However, much of the research thus far has relied upon anecdotal and investigative journalism. In particular, Pakistani madrassahs (or seminaries), have been the focus of much media coverage. This book aims to provide an empirically grounded analysis of madrassahs in Pakistan, thereby informing the larger discussion of the role of Islamic education in conflict causality. Unlike earlier works that have focused primarily on the curriculum of madrassahs, this book provides a comprehensive examination of Islamic education as an integrated social movement. The ultimate aim of this study is to prevent the escalation of existing regional conflict as well as the perceived conflict between Islam and the West, while providing guidance to policymakers regarding their attempt to reform educational institutions.

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