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The Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU), has a library system in the form of Central and Regional Campuses Libraries

The University maintains a well-equipped Central Library (established in April 1974) at main campus Islamabad with rich collection on various subjects. The Library has now grown into a useful Resource Center of knowledge and information. It regularly receives professional journals and magazines.

The library has been automated under the library software KOHA and its OPAC is available online. The library is a key academic facility and apart from providing study and research facilities to the Faculty, Staff and Students of AIOU, it supports the preparation of courses of various departments and arranges all required reading material.

Functions Of The Library

To support teaching, research and information needs of the University;

To acquire all forms of recorded information in the areas pertinent to the academic programs of the University;

To help staff members of the University in the use of recorded information for developing relevant distance learning self-study packages;

To make available necessary printed source and reference material for the purposes of conduction of research; and

To cooperate with other libraries in the country to promote the academic well-being of the teacher-student community.

Special Collections & Sections

Accessibility Centre (for special need students)
Arabic Collection
Government Publications
Iqbal Collection
Oriental Collection
Reference Section
Serials' Section
Theses Section

Facilities & Special Programs

Exchange of Publication Programme
Internet Lab
New Books

On payment Services

Theses & Assignments Composing
Theses Binding